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Karlene Jenkins joins Corporate Edge

Cablevision's and Lightpath's (AKA Altice) Karlene Jenkins has retired! Karlene recently accepted an early retirement package from Altice after nearly 20 years of employment. Karlene has been instrumental to Corporate Edge with her dedication to supporting those who have chosen to use Corporate Edge Consulting (CEC) as a master agent for Altice business needs. With her dedication to CEC, she has created a path of ease for you to obtain your qualifications, quotes, and order creation that enabled you to close business and grow your revenue with Altice via CEC over nearly a decade. Her support has also allowed CEC to become one of Altice’s most valued partners. Karlene is simply and undeniably the best there is! With that said, it is with great pleasure that I announce her support for you has just become more paramount. As of October 1st 2017, Karlene (KJ) is coming aboard Corporate Edge Consulting to continue to provide that path of ease you have come to know and appreciate. Karlene will continue to support you in all of your business needs with Altice.