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Audio Conferencing: When it comes to audio conferencing, you need a dependable solution that allows you to leverage your current conferencing investments while providing the path for a future UC&C deployment. Our on-demand, reservation-less audio conferencing solution is designed to give you the option of functioning as a standalone service, or integrating with your UC&C applications. It’s built over our network and a dynamic call routing architecture to provide you with proven reliability, high-quality audio, and a robust feature set. Benefit further with on-net savings when you layer our audio conferencing service over your existing CenturyLink Network investment.

Web Conferencing: Implementing separate audio, video, and web collaboration services is expensive and can cause end-user frustration due to integration issues that result in a poor user experience. Users want one invitation, a single entry point, and a unified meeting experience without the need for plugins. Integrated with our on-demand audio conferencing and event conferencing services, CenturyLink’s web conferencing solutions provide interactive tools such as real-time screen sharing, remote desktop control, and polling for scheduled and on-demand meetings in easy-to-use and intuitive interfaces. Connect to everyone you need to maintain steady communication and productivity through our efficient, cost-effective web conferencing services.

Event Conferencing: When conducting high-profile conference calls, such as quarterly earnings or analyst meetings, you need an extra layer of care and expertise to deliver the conference to your important stakeholders without a hitch. Whether you are in the market for high-touch, operator-assisted, managed, audio-only event solutions or are seeking a cloudbased do-it-yourself webcasting event platform, CenturyLink has you covered. With our expertise, we can help deploy a solution to fit your organization’s event conferencing needs.

Video Conferencing: Managing complex, multi-vendor video room systems, along with their high bandwidth requirements and interoperability concerns, can strain an IT organization. Utilizing our network, we deliver high-quality, QoS-enabled video conferencing solutions, all backed by redundancy protection and disaster recovery systems. Our portfolio features a high-touch, professionally managed video conferencing solution that is outsourced to our reservations team to assist you with everything from initial scheduling to post-conference wrap up, eliminating unnecessary stress and concern. Additionally, Blue Jeans delivered by CenturyLink brings you a cloud-based, cost-effective, self-service video conferencing solution for a reliable and secure way to leverage video services throughout your organization. You don’t compromise performance and you have the ability to utilize your existing video investments.